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Musique de la pub Renault – Easy "Vampire" Life

Video ajoutee il y a : Musique de la pub Renault – Easy "Vampire" Life en replay

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Keen to capitalize on the social noise and the chance to excite audiences during Halloween, Renault has launched a different type of narrative that still aims to deliver the brand message: Renault makes daily life easier for its customers - even if they happen to be zombies and vampires!

The two humorous films feature classic Halloween characters, a zombie and a vampire family, who each experience a little hiccup in their daily life, much like humans.
Each film shows how Renault’s innovation features help the characters out of their tricky situation, making their daily life that little bit easier to manage.

In this film, a vampire family drives in the moonlight in their Renault Captur. Hungry, the baby begins to cry. The parents stop to fill an unusual kind of baby bottle: a bottle of full of blood. Like a good little vampire, he drinks all the contents and soon after vomits all over the car seat. But the parents aren’t worried, as they are equipped with Renault Removable and Washable Seat Trims.

"We’ve been working with The Loft for the last 1.5 years developing social media content for key consumer and calendar moments, so it made perfect sense to create the social video series with The Loft for Halloween. Our aim was to communicate how Renault’s innovation features make daily life easier and to cement the understanding of our brand message: ‘Easy Life’. We have more exciting things in the pipeline with The Loft x Renault
for Valentine’s Day, so watch this space!"
Carine Gailliez, Global Content & Media Director, Renault.

"While we wanted to piggyback the Halloween wave and create something bold for Renault, we also needed to create something meaningful for the brand. We have shown Renault’s commitment to making customer’s life easier, by inviting classic Halloween characters zombie and vampires to act as consumers."
Patrick Lara, Managing Director, Publicis Conseil.

Watch the other "Zombie" film: https://youtu.be/HPAelumpDU8

The two Halloween films were created by Publicis Conseil The Loft, for Renault.
Films directed by Thomas Leisten Schneider and produced by La PAC

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