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Musique de la pub Orange x Apple - Delayed Flights

Video ajoutee il y a : Musique de la pub Orange x Apple - Delayed Flights en replay

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Voir ou revoir la video Musique de la pub Orange x Apple - Delayed Flights si vous l'avez ratee lors de sa diffusion. Si la musique de la pub n'est pas disponible, et si vous la connaissez, merci la laisser en commentaire. Orange and Apple join forces once again to offer their customers the very best: the no. 1 mobile network and the new iPhone X from Apple.

In this festive period where we all come together with loved ones, everybody looks forward to Christmas Eve. However, when a snowstorm hits, everything gets thrown into doubt. It's at times like this when a chance meeting can turn into a beautiful story with the iPhone X and the Orange network.

A young man, Paul, and a young woman, May Lin, find themselves stuck at an airport on Christmas Eve due to a snowstorm. It's going to be a long night. But their eyes happen to meet, and they get to know each other over the course of the night. Gradually they get to know each other, despite the language barrier and their respective shyness, helped in particular by their iPhone X, which give them plenty of opportunities to bond. The next day, when Paul's plane is preparing for take-off, a surprise awaits him. The story has only just begun…

In this latest instalment in the Orange saga, technology is used for the benefit of human emotion, an issue close to the heart of the director, Samir Mallal (Carnibird).

The film, broadcast on TV from 8th December, will be accompanied by online mini-instalments (in which we will find out that Paul is none other than the best friend of Max, the son of the Orange family), which will feed into the story on social networks.

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